Tyson Amir, a hip hop artist inspired by Islamic faith


May 14, 2015—Islam has a rich artistic heritage of architecture, design, music, painting, and poetry. Muslim poets like Rumi and Hafez are famous for a depth and beauty that defies time. Today, that poetic tradition is still strong. It's kept alive in what many may perhaps consider an unlikely place—urban America, through the genre of hip hop. Artists like Yasiin Bey - known as Mos Def, Q-tip from Tribe Called Quest, and … [Listen Now...]

Listen: Breathing your way to better blood pressure


May 5, 2015—Hypertension. Sixty-seven million Americans have been diagnosed with the condition, more commonly known as high blood pressure. For women, the female hormone estrogen likely serves as a kind of protection. But after the big 50, women’s rates of hypertension go up. That increases the risk of heart disease. And heart disease kills more women than anything else. That’s how it went for Susan Evans. Her blood … [Listen Now...]

Listen: Keeping a broader perspective

BJ Miller

Mar. 9, 2015–Growing up, BJ Miller understood what it meant to live with a disability. His mother had polio. But until a college accident, Miller never imagined he would live out a similar fate. In college, he had an accident that left him a triple amputee.  After, he knew he wanted to use his experience to help others. Miller went onto become a doctor and is now the executive director of the Zen Hospice Project in San … [Listen Now...]

Listen: Afro-Cuban movement with meaning

Spiritual Edge/Afro-Cuban Dance class/Santeria

Mar. 11, 2015–Some people who take dance classes regularly have a saying: “Dance is my church.” Dancer Stella Adelman says just that about going to Afro-Cuban folkloric dance class. “There’s a release to it,” she says. To her, it’s a place where she can reflect and find some clarity through movement. To some practitioners this clarity comes from being active and getting exercise, for others, it’s literally a spiritual … [Listen Now...]

Listen: The key to happiness? It’s in the science

Emiliana Simon Thomas

Feb. 19, 2015–U.C. Berkeley is known for its world-class scientists, in disciplines like physics, chemistry or biology. But just a few blocks away from campus, you’ll find the school’s Greater Good Science Center, where one scientist focuses on something different - the science of Happiness. Emiliana Simon-Thomas has a PhD in Cognition, Brain and Behavior. She’s also the science director of the Greater Good Science … [Listen Now...]