Listen: Keeping a broader perspective

BJ Miller

Mar. 9, 2015–Growing up, BJ Miller understood what it meant to live with a disability. His mother had polio. But until a college accident, Miller never imagined he would live out a similar fate. In college, he had an accident that left him a triple amputee.  After, he knew he wanted to use his experience to help others. Miller went onto become a doctor and is now the executive director of the Zen Hospice Project in San … [Listen Now...]

Listen: The key to happiness? It’s in the science

Emiliana Simon Thomas

Feb. 19, 2015–U.C. Berkeley is known for its world-class scientists, in disciplines like physics, chemistry or biology. But just a few blocks away from campus, you’ll find the school’s Greater Good Science Center, where one scientist focuses on something different - the science of Happiness. Emiliana Simon-Thomas has a PhD in Cognition, Brain and Behavior. She’s also the science director of the Greater Good Science … [Listen Now...]

Listen: A woman takes on the Church by becoming a priest

Sophia congregation w/ woman Catholic priest

  Feb. 10, 2015–In the dining room of her San Francisco home, Maria Eitz shows off her priestly attire -- a beautiful red, embroidered stole. It's the only accessory that distinguishes Eitz from the rest of her community. Usually, there is more separation, especially during mass when Catholic priests wear robes. Considering everything else, her wardrobe is a relatively minor deviation. The Vatican bans women … [Listen Now...]

Listen: Healing the mind by way of hospice

Paul Kelley. Photo courtesy of StoryCorps

Feb. 10, 2015–When someone is dying, sometimes the best medicine is not medicine at all. And sometimes what needs to be healed, is not the body, but the mind. That's the kind of care taking that Paul Kelley takes pride in doing. When Kelley began his career as a hospice worker in 1983, he knew instantly that he had found his calling.     "I can't fix my toilet at home, I can't fix the car, I can't do … [Listen Now...]

Listen: Celebrating commonality at Oakland’s ‘Sushi’ Mosque


Jan. 21, 2015–Through much of their history, Sunni and Shia Muslims have lived peacefully together in countries like Lebanon, Syria, and Iraq. But since the US invasion of Iraq in 2003, sectarian conflict has escalated in the region. Here in the Bay Area, as in most of the US, around 75% of Muslims identify as Sunni, just four percent identify as Shia. Mosques here are generally identified by sect. You have, say, the … [Listen Now...]