Listen: Native American sweats out trauma of the past

Samuel Martinez

September 10, 2014–It’s intense in a sweat lodge. You enter a round structure, about five feet high at the center, and sit down on an earthen floor. The flap of heavy blankets closes and you’re left in utter darkness. Moments later, the leader pours water over hot, volcanic rocks. Like a sauna, thick steam rises and spreads. For some people, the experience can be terrifying, at least at first. For others, it’s a … [Listen Now...]

Listen: How to open the voice, with Silvia Nakkach

silvia @harmonium.CROPPED

  August 8, 2014–The human voice is a demanding instrument. Handling it requires precision and skill. But for composer and musician Silvia Nakkach, it’s more than a tool to make pretty sounds. She sees it as a gateway to spiritual growth. Nakkach’s musical philosophies are influenced by both Western and Eastern traditions. She was born in Argentina and attended Mills College before meeting the person who would … [Listen Now...]

Listen: Religion the American way, dynamic and innovative

David E. Campbell

August 18, 2014–These days a lot of people prefer the word “spirituality” over “religion”. Many people associate religion with dogma handed down by inflexible institutions that don’t keep up with the times. Religion is also considered a highly divisive topic, one of the subjects you don’t bring up in polite conversation. Spirituality on the other hand, is defined by an individual’s personal belief system, which seems to … [Listen Now...]

Listen: A young man’s search for God onstage


August 12, 2014–Dezi Gallegos is a playwright who is searching for God. He's only 18 years old, but says he's already lived through numerous tough life experiences that led to him asking the question: is there a loving God? And if so, why are these bad things - plagues, he calls them - happening to me and my family? His new play, "God Fights the Plague," explores his search for answers. He talked to 16 people from nine … [Listen Now...]

Listen: For Ramadan, local Muslims look to sky and their smartphones

Photograph by Hana Baba

July 29, 2014--This past Sunday, members of the Bay Area Muslim community gathered on local hilltops, from Mt Tamalpais in Marin, to Cal State East Bay, to the hills of UC Berkeley. What were they doing? Looking up to the sky for the new crescent moon that signifies the end of the fasting month of Ramadan, when Muslims abstain from food and drink from sunup to sundown. Islamic tradition says to end the fast once the … [Listen Now...]